Why is WinSxS so large Windows 7?

The WinSXS folder contains all Windows system components. In fact, component files elsewhere in Windows are just links to files contained in the WinSXS folder. … This means that every Windows Update you install increases the size of your WinSXS folder.

How do I reduce the size of WinSxS in Windows 7?

Use Disk Cleanup to Delete Old Updates From the SxS Folder

  1. Open the Disk Cleanup tool. You can do this by typing “disk cleanup” in the taskbar and clicking “Disk Cleanup”
  2. Click the “Cleanup system files” button.
  3. Check the box next to “Windows Update Cleanup.”
  4. Click OK.


Why is WinSxS so large?

Cause. The Windows component store (C:Windowswinsxs) directory is used during servicing operations within Windows installations. … The component store will show a large directory size because of how the Windows Explorer shell accounts for hard links.

How do I reduce the size of WinSxS folder?

How to reduce size of WinSxS folder using Storage sense

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Storage.
  4. Under the “Local Disk” section, click the Temporary files item. …
  5. Clear the default selection.
  6. Check the Windows Update Cleanup option.
  7. Click the Remove files option.
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Why is my Windows 7 file so big?

A large Windows folder is quite normal. The Windows folder may start out in the 6-8GB range bbut it will grow larger over time. This is normal behavior of Vista/7 and there isn’t really much you can do about it. The cause is winsxs, and the details are described in this blog-post.

How do I clean up Windows 7 updates?

Windows Update Cleanup

  1. Click on Start – Go To My Computer – Select System C – Right click and then select Disk Cleanup. …
  2. Disk Cleanup scans and calculates how much space you will be able to free on that drive. …
  3. After that, you need to select Windows Update Cleanup and press OK.

How do I clean up my Windows 7 folder?

If you’d like to manually clean up updates, you can also use the Windows Update Cleanup option in the Disk Usage window, just as you can on Windows 7. (To open it, tap the Windows key, type “disk cleanup” to perform a search, and click the “Free up disk space by removing unnecessary files” shortcut that appears.)

What happens if I delete WinSxS?

Deleting files from the WinSxS folder or deleting the entire WinSxS folder may severely damage your system so that your PC might not boot and make it impossible to update.

What size should WinSxS be?

It has a size of almost 5–10GB, and for many users, it’s like a black box in the Windows world. Naturally, it raises the question of what exactly are those files installed in WinSxS and why it’s so huge.

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Can I compress WinSxS folder?

Enable NTFS compression on the WinSxS folder – a way to reduce the size of the WinSxS directory using the built-in compression of the NTFS file system.

How do I clear my WinSxS folder?

You can use Disk Cleanup in Windows to clean up the WinSxS folder. You can also use this utility to clean up other Windows folders. You can open it from the search box or by typing cleanmgr.exe into the Windows command window. First, the system will ask you to select the drive you want to clean up.

What are Windows Update Cleanup files?

The Windows Update Cleanup feature is designed to help you to regain valuable hard disk space by removing bits and pieces of old Windows updates that are no longer needed.

Can I delete AMD64 files from WinSxS?

So all AMD64 files you see are 64Bit files. No you can’t delete them. You can only safely cleanup WinSxS by running disk cleanup after installing Update KB2852386 to remove Updates which are replaced by newer ones.

How do I find large files on my computer windows 7?

How to Locate Large Files on a Hard Drive Using Windows 7

  1. Press Win+F to bring forth the Windows Search window.
  2. Click the mouse in the Search text box in the upper-right corner of the window.
  3. Type size:gigantic. …
  4. Sort the list by right-clicking in the window and choosing Sort By—>Size.

Why is my C drive so big?

What is taking up the space on my hard drive? Generally speaking, it is because the disk space of your hard drive is not enough to store a large amount of data. Additionally, if you are only bothered by the C drive full issue, it is likely that there are too many applications or files saved to it.

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How do I find out what programs are taking up the most space?

  1. Open the Start menu and select Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Open Apps & features settings.
  2. Search for a specific app or sort them by size to see which ones are taking up the most space.
  3. When you find an app you want to delete, select it from the list, and then select Uninstall.
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